Workplace safety for eyes

Eyes are the most important part of the human body; without eyes, you can’t be able to see the beauty of the world. According to the research, there are about 90 per cent of daily eye injuries preventable, if you use proper safety equipment’s. There is the organization in America who is working to prevent the blindness caused by daily injuries, and their main focus is to aware of the workers about workplace safety. Vision is one of the most important blessings of God, and most people take it for granted. They will know the importance of healthy eye when they have lost them. So it is very important for the workers to protect their eyes during work.

Eye injuring can be occurring in any place even on the road, but in the workplace, there are more chances of eye injuries. The workers who are working in dust, chemicals, heat, direct sunlight, steel factories or even in manufacturing furniture, they all must have to wear safety glasses during work. Even the people who ride bikes must have to protect their eye from the dust and insects. There are many different types of safety equipment’s used to protect the eye at work. The selection of the glasses depends on the nature of the work.

Choose the right protection:

The injury can happen if you wear the wrong glasses or other safety equipment for protection. If the person is working in the ultraviolet ray and he just wear the plain glasses, then the ultraviolet rays can damage his eyes. There are special glasses for the protection from the ultraviolet rays. Every work has its special safety equipment used to protect worker health. There are many occupations which have a high risk of eye injuries such as manufacturing, electrician, mining, roofing, carpenter, welding, plumbing, construction and many other works. All these occupations have different eye protection gears, depends on their nature of work.

Protection from injuries:

There are many different techniques which are useful to protect your eye from the injury at work; the important tips are discussed below:

·         The first thing which is useful in protecting your eyes at the workplace is to know about all the safety dangers at the workplace. If you know about the dangerous place or things at the workplace, you will remain careful during work.

·         Try to remove all the dangerous things near you before starting the work. In the working area, there are many dangerous chemicals, tools and equipment from which you not familiar, so it is important to remove them before starting any work.

·         The main and important thing is to wear the proper safety gadgets before starting work. Sometimes the worker wears a safety glove and helmet, but they ignore the glasses. And the minor dust particles can cause serious infections.

·         Inspect your safety eye wears; they must be in good condition. And they must be replaced if they are damaged.

·         There should be an emergency kit near you during the work, at least there must be the availability of the water and the bandages to give quick aid on the time of injury.