Sawdust affects vision

Sawdust is the wastage of woodworking processes and it is also known as wood flakes. Sawdust is made up of wood small fine particles. Wood dust is used for many wood processes like sawing, sanding, etc. workers can be affected because of the dust particles in the air when you remove dust from furniture or while cleaning any equipment. Too much exposure to sawdust can create many health issues because it contains some chemicals in the wood along with bacteria and fungi. Wood dust is connected to some toxic effects that include irritation of the eyes, nose and respiratory system which can reduce the lung capacity and create allergies. Not only the irritation symptoms appear but workers also face shortness of breath, sore in the throat and runny nose.
Professions that are at high risk due to the sawdust are carpenters, manufacturers, tree surgeons, ship making workers, and employees that work in a sawmill, cupboard making, furniture, etc. Before the exposure with sawdust identify which type of wood you are going to use and know all the hazards that are related to that wood and also try to carry the respiratory protection.

Indication of sawdust in the eye:

If you are working in an industry where sawdust exposure is too much then there are chances that you experience few symptoms if a sawdust particle gets into the eye. Symptoms include discomfort feeling or heaviness, pain when you look into the light, too much blinking, irritation or redness in the eye, excessive tears or unclear vision. Below problems will appear if sawdust will get into the eye and these can become worse if not treated on the right time,

Scratches in the cornea:

The front transparent part of the eye is the cornea. When sawdust particle gets into the eye it may damage or put scratches in the cornea. You don’t need to worry about it if you get the proper treatment of corneal scratches. It will naturally mend within 48 hours. But if you take it lightly and do not get the correct treatment then it may take a lot of time to cure and also can create future complications.

Diffusion of the eye:

This is the most severe and serious injury that can occur due to the sawdust. If any object or particle will get into the eyeball and cut the eye then you can have serious damage that will affect the eye health. If corneal scratches not treated accurately then it can harm your overall eye health and harm your vision.

Eye infection:

If any particle of sawdust gets into the eye and not removed immediately can become the major cause of eye infection. The infection may include the redness of eye or blur vision but it can be decreased if the particle removed quickly.


A deficiency can appear on the surface of the eye if the scratched cornea is not mended. This deficiency is called soreness or ulcer. This ulcer may have an enormous effect on your vision and also lead to swelling as well.