Important Tips to protect your eyes during underwater swimming

Swimming activities in pools and natural water are the cause of eye-related injuries. Swimming is risky, most importantly for your eyes. But it is not difficult to take care of your eyes while swimming. With a little care, you can save yourself from eye injury during swimming. So here are some tips for you that you can follow to protect yourself from eye damage during swimming in pools, lakes, and ocean or even in your hot bathroom tub. So let’s get started:

Stick to known and trustworthy areas

When we talk about natural water bodies, they can have microbes, which can cause eye irritation and even blindness. In the case of oceans, salty water can be a cause of irritation in eyes so before choosing a place for swimming research, the area and know underwater conditions, and then choose one suitable for you. In case of family, pools try yourself to keep them as clean as possible. If you want to try a public pool or hotel pool, think if it is essential. If you really want to swim, check how the water looks. If it appears cloudy or slimy, immediately cancel your plan.

Never forget to wear goggles.

Pools have chlorine to keep you safe from germs, but it can irritate your eyes. Your eyes will become reddish after swimming in the pool. But if you wear goggles, you will only protect your eyes from chlorine, but also other chemicals may present in pool and bacteria or parasites. You can also save your eyes from getting poked or scratched by other swimmers.

It is foolish to wear contact lenses

Or most of activities contact lenses are an ideal option but not for swimming at any cost. Space between your eye lenses and contactless can act as a space for breeding for microbes. Rigid contact lenses can contract underwater so they will be dislodged when you will underwater and can also be a cause of eye injury. If you choose soft contact lenses, they are not a good option either as microbes can easily enter your eyes. So remove your contact lenses before you enter the pool

Wash your eyes

All of the tips mentioned above are very helpful but after all of this when you finish swimming, must wash your eyes. It would be better to splash your eyes with water so that if there are any microbes, you can get rid of them.