It Might be Time to Remove Your Tree

trees removal

Trees perform as a protection for your property, they are beautiful, provide shade and they are nature’s exquisite artifacts in your yard. Trees are not just aesthetically pleasing but they also provide shade to birds and shelter for wildlife.

But when a tree posses’ threat or danger to your property or surroundings by being old or dead, and arise concerns about your tree that can fall on a person or a property is really serious So, then it’s time to contact an expert arborist and to leave the fate of that tree in their hands.

Sign and Symptoms of Dead tree

There are several signs from which you can identify if a tree is dead or not, here are some examples that may help you to determine if a tree is dead. 

  • Fungi or mushrooms growing on the base of the tree’s trunk.
  • Hollow Trunk or large scaffold branches.
  • Cracks in trunks and peeling bark from trees.
  • Dead twigs or branches hanging on the upper crown of a tree.

If you spot any of these signs, contact a professional arborist because they will provide you expert advice and estimate of tree care service regarding removing and saving your tree.

Should I Remove tree or Hire a Professional Service?

Cutting trees on your own can be dangerous but hiring a certified arborist will ease your work because they know how to inspect and work with proper tools and safety. Contact Aesthetic Tree & Hedge Service for professional advice and estimates for cutting down a dead tree. Professionals at our company will give you a detailed and easy to execute a plan for your dead tree and its removal.

Safety Issues Regarding Dead Trees

A dead tree possesses great danger to your property and your surroundings, the scariest thing about a dead tree is that they are unpredictable, if a storm is about to hit in a week or a month then it will lead these dead trees to fall or break.

Signs of dead trees are cunning and should be taken seriously, trees are also living things so they are no longer different from humans regarding diseases or falling ill, there are several illnesses that can be fatal for tree-like peeling bark, fluid coming from the base of trees. Detecting a problem, and consulting a professional on your property for a tree checkup, can minimize your chances of having a serious issue. Even when you have a doubt about a potential problem with your tree.

Maintain a Healthy Tree!

In several cases the only way is to remove an ill or old tree, when tree damage and diseases cannot be avoided, nevertheless understanding of these issues and frequent checkups can save your tree from falling ill, and from complete removal. While defective trees are dangerous, but not all of them are essential to be removed, and some defects can be treated to extend the life of the tree So, if you are experiencing any issues or feel a need for maintenance of your trees, feel free to contact our team for more information.

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